LA Sentinel June 2019 Feature

Press Release

Hip Hop – Set in the EAST? Or Set in the WEST? Who knows?

The WEST is still and always will continue to be Controversial.

U-Press Release MAY 7, 2019

SET IN THE WEST is a masterpiece that you must see. Documentarian, Wolfgang Amadeuz, co-writer and producer has decided to disrupt our minds, and turn back the hands of time, to enlighten us all by informing and sharing with us the answer we thought we all knew to the question: Was HIP HOP set in the WEST? The documentary that you are going to see will have surprising features from Legends that had a hand in creating, building and contributing to this globally transforming music called Hip Hop. If you’re a true fan of Hip Hop, then those that speak on its behalf, you’ll surely know; such as Uncle Jamms Army, World Class Wreckin’ Cru, Z Cars Promotions, to DJ Battle Katt, Russ Parr, Mellow Man Ace, Dr. DJ Funkenstein, Egyptian Lover, Fresh, Jazzy D, MC Eiht, Sadiki Bakari and many more. Though the origins of Hip Hop emerging from New York City in the 1970’s are very well documented, however, this heavily featured documentary will blow your mind with untold and rarely heard stories of how the West Coast Hip Hop movement started in Los Angeles. SET IN THE WEST will provide the missing history of L.A. Hip Hop that only these information holders can dispense. As we know there has been many inconsistencies from start to finish on which Hip Hop has been founded, but once you see SET IN THE WEST, it is safe to say that the pieces of this very confusing and scattered large puzzle, seems a little bit easier to put together. Now, some would ask, well why does this story need to be shared? The answer is simple, the story needs to be told because people will forget and will think that West Coast Hip Hop started with NWA; and as much as we love NWA, the accuracy of Hip Hop’s origin, its whole inception is beyond that. There are four major elements in Hip Hop: D-Jing, Graffiti, Dance and last but not at all least, Emceein’. On the West Coast, dancing is our primary element that induced everything else. SET IN THE WEST is the cure for those who read the first sentence of this Press Release, for those that love Hip Hop and are always inquisitive and finally get access to privy information that will change the game, your perception and your confidence in an answer you thought you had all along. When you hear the words of Silky D Williams, Professor Griff, Sylk E Fyne, Black Dot, Mellow Man Ace, Too Short and DJ Chilly Chill and others, you will find your answer to the question was Hip Hop – SET IN THE WEST

If you would like to learn more about the documentary, SET IN THE WEST, then please follow SET IN THE WEST at @SetInTheWestDoc. You may also contact Wolfgangs Production at SET IN THE WEST: The Genesis of L.A. Hip Hop Wolfgangs Production 11011 Crenshaw Bl Ste 204 Inglewood, CA 90303 Category: Hip Hop, Hip Hop Legends, Documentary and Music. PR: Quanda R. Graves Company: QS Writers Group Email: