Director's Statement & More on The Film

When we first started producing this documentary we were going to make it a tribute to Roger Clayton, aka Mr. Prinze, the founder of Uncle Jamm's Army. We ended up with so many interviews, information and people wanting to participate in the project it turned out to be the documentary it is now.

I met David aka Dr. Funkenstein in 2013 and he recanted so many stories about what went on back in the day during the Uncle Jamm's Army days. He introduced me to Lonzo Williams. Lonzo is a legend in the streets of L.A. and around the world with the Hip Hop community. The GrandMaster had so much insight and game on Hip Hop I had to include him in Set In The West. I also met DJ Silky D Williams, the first Lady DJ of Uncle Jamm's Army. She was the voice on their song "Dial A Freak" and is the street solider queen. She gets so much respect in Hip Hop here on the west. Silky D broke down doors and continuously forges on and create opportunities for others; A true selfless leader.

I am thankful for all of the individuals that helped with Hip Hop here on the west, and gave their voice to this portion of the documentary, seen and unseen. Mark Luv, Sherman York, Scotty D, Sadiki Bakari, Professor Griff, Black Dot, Carmelo Alvarez, Disco Daddy, Don Campbell, Klass One, DJ Cli-N-Tel, Les Soundlabs, Charles Woods, Lionel Collins, Charmain and Charlene, Adrien Clayton, Courtney Edmonds, DJ Battlecat and Donny D Raye just to name a few. Without the foundation, we wouldn't have nothing to stand on. This project is a dedicated to all that helped Set It in the West. - Wolfgang Amadeuz

SET IN THE WEST: The Genesis Of L.A. Hip Hop