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The origins of Hip Hop emerging from New York City in the 1970’s are well documented, but many do not know at the same time,there was another music scene that rose out the west. Los Angeles brought us many different dance styles and techniques. Lockin' was created by Don Campbell at L.A. Trade Tech in 1969, and popularized by his crew The Lockers. To say Hip Hop started on the West Coast is a controversial statement, but Kool Hercs dancers will tell you themselves that they were inspired by Don Campbell and his style of Lockin.

There was an explosion of party promoting crews coming out of Los Angeles in the 1970's like Uncle Jamms Army, World Class Wreckin Cru, and Z Cars Promotions. party goers would enjoy music and performing acts in peace, no violence or shootings, up until the late 80's, when the element of Los Angeles street tribes seeped into the movement. This featured documentary tells the untold, rarely heard stories of the genesis of the West Coast Hip Hop movement. Featuring interviews from Egyptian Lover, Lonzo Williams from the World Class Wreckin Cru, Original members from Uncle Jamms Army, Don Campbell and many more.

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Hip Hop
in the WEST

The creation of the Hip Hop culture came out of the Bronx block parties in the 1970's, but the genesis of the movement really started in Los Angeles. Check Out The Trailer to Set In the West.

SET IN THE WEST: The Genesis Of L.A. Hip Hop



Wolfgang Amadeuz

Narrator/Legendary DJ & Writer

David "Dr. Funkenstein" Storms


Lonzo Williams


Silky D Williams

Assoc Producer

James Black


Cliff Caricature
Jeff Carr


Kevan Clark
Judy Kim

Music Supervision

Dennis Beyard
Anthony "Mad Ge" Gilbert

Set In The West: The History Vol 1
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